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View of Manhattan from the New Yorker Hotel, which uses a collage from “The Surrender of Breda” (by Velázquez) for the sky.


Joaquín Peña-Toro

Category     :   Giclée Prints

“The figurativism I practice takes its accents from photography to make the image aesthetic. This N.Y.C. picture has been painted using a composition of several photographs taken from the hotel where I was staying, the old New Yorker, as an outline. The buzz of the city rises from below like smoke on a battlefield. This feeling led me to add a pixelated backdrop of the city that never sleeps: the clouds we see, in the form of a collage, pertain to “The Surrender of Breda” by Velázquez. Both the mechanical reproduction of a historic painting (which adds pixels to facades filled with square windows) and the photographic origin of the view (with multiple vanishing points) leave their mark on my painting.”

Technique Collage and acrylic on table.
Place and year created Granada. 1999.
Dimensions of original: 114 high x 162 wide.

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