We offer fine art giclée reproductions (museum quality). These are prints offering optimal quality and an optimal conservation period with regard to decolouration due to light and air.

- Inkjet printing using high-quality printers with 12 mineral inks that produce colours of great saturation, intensity and shine; attaining almost the entire colour range.

- The printer pulverises the ink on the surface of the paper or canvas, ensuring resolution and faithfulness to the original artwork.

- The paper used is of museum quality. In other words, it respects the standards set by ISO 9706 regarding paper conservation: acid-free, or slightly alkaline, to guarantee maximum longevity in suitable exhibition conditions (explained later).

- Types of paper available:

Standard cotton paper of 240g. Museum quality.

Photographic gloss baryta paper of 310g, pure white. Museum quality.

Watercolour paper of 310g. Museum quality.

- Types of canvas:

Natural cotton canvas of 310g. Museum quality.

Synthetic canvas of 310g. Museum quality.

- Artworks purchased without a frame are sent rolled up in a rigid tube that fully protects them.

- Artworks purchased with a frame are sent in a suitable, well-protected box according to their size.

- Artworks can be purchased with or without a frame.

- We offer aluminium frames in white, black or steel-colour. Prints are protected with a glossy glass and a foam board back in a neutral pH, with or without passe-partout, which is also neutral, according to the buyer’s preferences.

- For fabrics or canvases we offer wooden frames in black, white or a natural colour. These are mounted on a fine pine base frame (1.7cm). The buyer can choose whether or not to purchase the base frame, and whether or not to purchase a portrait frame.

- Reproduction editions are always limited, supervised, numbered in series and signed by the artist. The artwork is delivered along with the corresponding authenticity certificate and it is guaranteed by MILART.

- Therefore, the buyer can enjoy an original multiple artwork for collectors. 

- In our online store we also sell original, unique paintings.

- In addition, we sell other types of multiple originals: photographs, engravings, sculptures, etc.

- Reproduction sizes are to be determined (they will be specified for each artwork).

- We sell to individual customers and businesses.

- Quality is our criteria.

- The buyer may return the artwork within seven (7) days. The amount paid for the artwork will be refunded, with the exception of all delivery costs, which must be paid by the buyer.

- The smaller the limited edition, the higher the value of each artwork. However, all reproductions have a certain cultural value and exclusivity. In other words, the more the artist is revalued, the better the market value will be.

- As the results offered by the giclée technique are high in quality - despite this being a relatively new technique (it began in the United States of America in 1991) - many prestigious artists use it today: these include Rauschenberg (at the end of the 20th century), Thomas Ruff, Antonio López, Luis Gordillo, Rafael Canogar, Hernán Cortés and many more.

- The durability of fine art or museum quality prints exceeds 100 years in good conservation and exhibition conditions along with the use of fine materials in their frames.

. What is a giclée print? (We are happy to send you detailed information)


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