HOW CAN I MAKE A PURCHASE? is a point of sale for all kinds of art. We act as the intermediary between the customer and the artist.

We guarantee:

-A relationship built on complete trust for both parties.

-A guarantee of authenticity for the artworks we sell.

-The option of returns, if you are not satisfied with your purchase or any other reason. (Please consult our terms and conditions for more information on artwork refunds and how to go about returning it).

In our store you can purchase original artworks or high-quality giclée reproductions that will be the perfect decoration for your house, office, business and more, or the perfect addition to your collection, or even a special gift you wish to give.

All purchases are developed in guaranteed secure SSL (Secure Socket Layer) environments that ensure the privacy of the data provided.

You can easily make your purchase:

Click on the category of your choice using the menu at the top of the HOME page.


• Images of our artworks will appear: click on the image that you like or are interested in to expand it and show the options available:

• In the case of ORIGINALS:

a)-For originals, their price and availability will be displayed. Simply click “add to basket”, which will open a window with a list naming the product or products included in your basket, detailing each one and the options to “place order” or “continue shopping”. Remember that if you are registered as a customer your basket will be saved (even if you end your session) until you decide to complete your order or delete it.

-If you select “place order”, a series of pages will appear where you can enter delivery details and choose your payment method (PayPal, credit card, etc.). You may also print your order confirmation, if you wish.

b)-If the original artwork you have selected asks you, “Are you interested in this original?” click on the question and you will be taken to a contact form that you can send to the MILART store. Send your message with your request and we will reply with a message confirming whether the artwork is still available or if it has been sold. In the case of the former, we will indicate the sales price or any other information required.

• In the case of REPRODUCTIONS:

• Once you have expanded the image and checked its quality, select the size of the reproduction, and the type of paper or canvas desired.

• You have the option to purchase your reproduction with or without a frame.

The total price and availability of the artwork you have chosen will appear in red at the top of the artwork, to the right of the image.

Add your choice to your basket and finalise your order.

• You will receive your order within 10-15 days. (It will be in a rigid tube if you select a reproduction only, and packaged in a suitable box if you opt to purchase a frame with the reproduction).

If you select any of the artistic papers offered (cotton, baryta or watercolour); the frame always offered by the store is an aluminium frame (black, steel-colour or white), with or without passe-partout (depending on your choice), sheen glass or plexiglass and the rear made from foam board with a neutral pH.

  • If you select a reproduction on canvas, you can purchase the reproduction alone, the reproduction with just the base frame, or the reproduction with the base frame and portrait frame that is always offered by the store: a wooden frame (black, natural colour or white). (See photos).


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