Storage and display conditions for Giclée reproductions:

-Use of fine materials in frames: passe-partout with neutral pH. Acid-free adhesive tape, and glass or plexiglass. Cotton gloves when handling.

-Do not expose to direct sunlight. Place in an acid-free environment.

-Position artificial lights at a distance of over 30cm from any part of the artwork.

-Do not place near heat sources: radiators, chimneys, hot walls. Do not place outside.

-Humidity: do not place in bathrooms or locations where accidental liquid spillages may occur.

-Quickly remove the packaging.

-The mineral inks used are exceptionally resistant to light, water and gases, such as ozone.

-With 450 lux over the course of 12 hours a day, which is the average for a home or office, Giclée copies (when following the aforementioned conditions) have a durability that exceeds 100 years.


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