Dreams of the Albaicín. Reproduction

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“These paintings are an interpretation - never a descriptoin - of a surrounding reality that contains elements comprising Granada’s architectural heritage. Fear of evolution is more evident in some of them while others show speculation that leads us to other, more winding journeys, although the natural is the constant reference point.”


Carmelo Trenado Tormo

Category     :   Giclée Prints

“From the day I arrived in the city of Granada, I felt seduced by an urban landscape (which is absolutely unique, in my opinion) that, thanks to the passage of time (among other factors), has established itself and, to my eye, become fully transcendent before even the most spontaneous or reflective reading; I’m referring to the colourful remains, stonework, paving and all the ornaments that fit together within its architectural heritage, which has certainly deteriorated, but which has provided elements that served to recreate and as the pretext to undertake plastic work under the name of “Dreams of the Albaicín”, which I worked on during the 80s.

Using this reality as a reference point, I made the following saying my own: “It’s not about how well the reality is reproduced, but rather how well it is used.”

Technique Mixed technique on wood.
Place and year created Granada. 1997.
Dimensions of original: 200 high x 200 wide.

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