18th-Century Capuchin Atlas

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This map details the regions linked to the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin.

Giovanni Batista da Casinno,

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Colour print: 230 x 335mm on a sheet of: 269 x 374mm.002. 18th-Century Capuchin Atlas. Milan, 1712. Provincia Andalusiae. Created by Giovanni Batista da Casinno, Simone Durelli and Ambrosio Ramellati. Giovanni Batista da Casinno, capuchin priest and mathematician from Alexandria, by request of the General of the Order of Saint Augustine of Tisana.

Casinno and Durelli worked for five years to manufacture the engraving plates. The information it contains focused on locating the regions linked to the Order of Friars Minor Capuchin, identifying places by architectural groupings according to rank of importance. The wealth of decorative elements, such as cartouches, compass roses, windrose networks, vessel figure, Marian devotion symbol, and more, are vivid in contrast with the colouring and shadowing. Of the capuchin headquarters in the Kingdom of Granada, the city of Granada heads them all, followed by other, more minor centres.

Technique Colored engraving
Place and year created Milan 1712
Dimensions of original: 23.00cm x 33.50cm on a sheet of 26.90cm x 37.40cm

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