Nautical Chart of the Coasts of Granada, Andalusia and Murcia

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This chart depicts the occupation of Menorca by the English in 1708 and the uprising that took place in Ceuta in 1727. 


H. Michelot, P. Starckmann y L. Brémond.

Category     :   Old Maps

Colour print: 475 x 675mm on a sheet of: 485 x 715mm.003. Created by Henri Michelot, Peter Starckmann and Laurent Brémond. In Marseilles, 1730. This chart is highly decorative thanks to its extremely detailed features and stylish presentation, as exemplified by the chart’s title, which is comprised of cups and crests, or the figurative elements that adorn the map’s graphic scale showing a sailor surrounded by items including packages and navigation tools.

This is combined with the use almost pictorial use of colouring. These qualities demonstrate the skill of the engraver, Peter Starckmann, who was one of the most reputed and in-demand artists of his time. The chart invokes medieval portulan works thanks to the prominence of the three compass roses, each with a fleur-de-lis indicating north, and two of them bearing the Maltese Cross, with radial rhumb lines. The drawing of the coastline, which is the main geographical subject represented, appears with lettering and dots on the beaches and features anchorages, rocks, bathymetry and planimetry of the main settlements.

As is habitual with nautical cartography, no details of the inland geography are provided, although there are two boxes with territorial details on the bays of Tangier and Gibraltar. The Kingdom of Granada’s coast, which shares prominence with those of Andalusia and Murcia, is comprised of a series of toponyms along the maritime line, which is further complemented by drawings of mountainous elevations.

Technique Colored engraving
Place and year created Marsella, 1730
Dimensions of original: Image 47.50cm x 67.50cm on a sheet of 48.50cm x 71.50cm

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