Li regni di Granata e D Andacucia

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This map is compiled within “Mercurio geográfico …, un atlas de geografía mundial”.

Giacomo Cantelli, Antonio Barbey y Domenico de Rossi.

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Colour print: 550 x 850mm on a sheet of: 615 x 905mm.007. Li Regni di Granata é d’Andalucia. Rome, 1696. Created by: Giacomo Cantelli, Antonio Barbey and Domenico de Rossi. This map is compiled within “Mercurio geográfico…”, which is an atlas of world geography that includes in its extended editions a hundred pieces in two volumes.

The Kingdom of Granada is shown with information that characterises the place’s physiognomy, border limits and the location of its settlements. In terms of the map’s physical representation, its correct geographical adjustment is notable in addition to the structuring of the inland space, which was developed through the mountainous accidents of the Béticas, which offer a more organic aspect with shaded masses in the form of a chain.

Similarly, the abundant delineation of river tributaries is noteworthy. Recording of settlements adjusts to the conventional noting of urban profiles, with different sizes according to importance. The main anchorages are identified along the coast with symbols. Application of chiaroscuro and wavy lines in the drawing, as well as the lavish decoration of its cartouches, afford the map its baroque aesthetic. The cartouche on the left is a declamatory link to Hercules, who appears draped in the skin of the Nemean lion between two columns.

In the intercolumniation is a fabric that shows the map’s dedication to “César Miguel Ángel de Ávalos, Marquis of Pescara and Yusto” and the name of the engraver. The cartouche on the right side contains the names of the author and editor alongside the date the map was edited. This accompanies the graphic scales and conventional signs. The artwork is rounded off with the emblems of the kingdoms of Granada and Andalusia.

Technique Colored engraving
Place and year created Roma 1696
Dimensions of original: Image 55.00 x 85.00 on a sheet of 61.50 x 90.50cm

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