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This is the first detailed, comprehensive, faithful depiction of the city of Granada.

Ambrosio de Vico grabado por Francisco Heylan

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Platform of Vico.004 Colour print:

The Platform of Vico - also known as the Platform of Granada - is a plan of Granada that was mapped and drawn by the architect Ambrosio de Vico during the last decade of the 16th century and engraved by Francisco Heylan in 1613 and by Félix Prieto in 1795. It is the first detailed, comprehensive, faithful depiction of the city of Granada, and it was some years ahead of similar maps of other notable cities, such as Madrid, whose Texeira plan was not completed until 1662. The Platform of Vico continued to be useful until the end of the 18th century, when new cartography trends derived from the Enlightenment led to its neglect, although they did not improve on its aesthetic value.

The plan was ordered by the Archbishop Pedro de Castro, within the Counter-Reformation movement and the series of findings between 1588 and 1599 at the Torre Turpiana and Valparaíso Mountain, which culminated with the founding of Sacromonte Abbey. Ambrosio de Vico was trusted by Archbishop Castro as the Granada local who was best prepared for a task of this nature, owing to both his technical knowledge and his artistic ability.

The Platform of Granada was engraved by Heylan in approximately 1613 on two copper plates, each measuring 490 x 303mm. In 1795 it was engraved again in Salamanca by Félix Prieto using a single plate of 612 x 450mm and using the process of etching. The new engraving differs to the original solely in the cartouche’s ornamentation and the positions of the title and the names of the draughtsman and engraver, which Prieto positioned at the bottom of the print, outside the drawing.

Technique Colored engraving
Place and year created Granada. Drawing: Towards 1590. Engraving: towards 1613
Dimensions of original: Image 41.00cm x 62.00cm on a sheet of 57.50 x 79.00cm

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