Topographical Map of the City of Granada. Reproduction

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This is a plan of the city of Granada. Numbers and letters serve to locate streets and buildings, among other things.

D. Francisco Dalmau, maestro de matemáticas.

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Topographical Map of the City of Granada. 008

Colour print:

Created by: Francisco Dalmau, master of mathematics at Granada’s Real Maestranza de Caballería, and member of the Barcelona Royal Academy of Natural Sciences and Arts. Year 1796. This is a plan on two sheets, mounted on fabric measuring 61 x 102cm on a sheet of 69 x 112cm. Published in 1831. It is a plan of the city of Granada with a non-graduated border that is beautifully decorated. It features a grid with numbers on the abscissa axis and letters on the ordinate axis to enable streets and buildings to be located. The top-left corner contains the main cartouche flanked by two allegorical female figures and diverse objects and instruments alluding to science and agriculture. In the centre of the lower margin is a short description of the city of Granada. The map’s sides, outside the border, contain a gazetteer and the positions of streets on the grid.

In the lower margin, outside the border, details are given regarding the modifications made in 1831, as the map was created based on one from 1796 and with data from 1787, in addition to a dedication. Relief represented using normal mapping. Planimetry uses blocks of important buildings created using internal division and all others with dotting that fills the space, streets, trails, bridges, garden areas, arable land and wooded areas. The hydrography depicts the Genil and Darro rivers with the drawing of water, indicating the direction of flow with an arrow. There is a compass rose with eight directions and a fleur-de-lis indicating north.

The map is dedicated to the well-deserved historic and topographical fame of this city and the unique beauty and agreeableness of a place brimming with products. It dates back to the reign of Ferdinand VIII (1808-1833). Insert in the lower left corner: Plan of Sacromonte: 15 x 9cm. Includes gazetteer and brief description of the city in 1796.

Technique Colored engraving
Place and year created Granada, 1796.
Dimensions of original: Image 61 x 102cm on a sheet of 69.00 x 112.00cm.

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