Court of the Myrtles

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A painting of the Court of the Myrtles’ interior, with the pool and Comares Tower (the Alhambra in Granada).


Luis Bertos Del Moral

Category     :   Painting.

“I painted this artwork, “Court of the Myrtles”, an interior landscape, while thinking mostly about the emotions it sparked in me, as I have done on other occasions. The blue water of the pool, which emanates from two marble fountains, is what interested me most and I wanted to reflect that in its tones. I opted for colours that portray relaxed, cold movements for a pool that never seems to have run dry; slow and deliberate since it was created to the present day. Serious and majestic, both the patio and Comares Tower beg to be painted and remembered.”

Technique Mixta sobre lienzo.
Place and year created Granada, 2017.
Dimensions of original: 40cm ancho x 40cm alto.

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