Gacela de la huida
Gacela de la huida
Gacela de la huida

Ghazal of Escape

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An original artwork made with chalcographic printing, screen printing, typography and painting on paper made by hand by the artist using cotton linters and abaca fibre.

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José Manuel Peña

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It adapts the poem “Gacela de la huida” by Federico García Lorca, which is integrated with the Alhambra image. Poem by Federico García Lorca. “Gacela de la huida”.

I've been lost many times at sea

with an earful of freshly-cut flowers,

with a mouthful of love and agony.

Many times I've been lost at sea,

just as I get lost in the hearts of children.

There is nobody who can kiss 

without feeling the smile of the faceless, 

there is nobody who can touch a newborn

without forgetting the unmoving skulls of horses.

Because roses search the forehead 

for a harsh and bony landscape,

and man’s hands have no meaning 

but to emulate roots beneath the ground.

Just as I get lost in the hearts of children,

I’ve been lost many times at sea.

Ignorant of the water, I continue to seek

a shining death that will consume me.

Technique Papel hecho a mano por el autor. Collage, estampación calcográfica, serigrafía, tipografía y pintura.
Place and year created En Granada. 2017.
Dimensions of original: 65 alto x 48 ancho.

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