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  • Antonio Conde Ayala

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    A Spanish artist, born in Archidona (Malaga) in 1955. Graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the Real Academia de Santa Isabel de Hungría in Seville, specialising in painting, in 1988. He was appointed tenured professor of plastic arts at the Faculty of Education Sciences at the University of Granada in 1995. He also received a grant from the Spanish Royal Academy in Rome.
    He creates graphic work for the National Library (1995). This work has included numerous exhibitions ranging from realism to the tributes he pays to the painting of Juan Gris and Fernand Léger with his still lifes.
    His work can be found in the Bank of Spain’s Art Collection (Madrid), the National Chalcography (Madrid), the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Granada), the Caja de Granada Foundation, the Local Government of Archidona, the State Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, and National Heritage (Marivent Palace in Palma de Mallorca), among other notable institutions.
    He employs precise lines and profiles, with a clear tendency for drawing and its marked neatness, in all of the subjects he tackles.
    Some of his works are distinctive given their dynamic chromatic scheme using plain colours - owing to their decorative effect - along with his extensive repertoire of cubist objects and his nonchalant irony.
    Antonio Conde, throughout his long career, has paid homage to a large cross-section of painting from the previous century: from cubism and surrealism to hyperrealism and pop via informalism.


  • Carmelo Trenado Tormo

    A Spanish artist, born in Murcia in 1949. A fine arts graduate from the Complutense University of Madrid. Gained his PhD in fine arts at the University of Granada. Tenured professor in the Painting Department at the latter institution. A full member and curator of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Granada.

    He has been awarded prizes from several institutions, including the Ateneo de Madrid, Villa de Fuente Álamo, the 18th Rafael Zabaleta de Quesada Painting Contest in Jaén, and the Medal of Honour at the José María Párraga Painting Awards in Murcia.

    His work can be found in institutions such as the Ministry of Information and Tourism in Madrid, the ONCE Foundation, the Caja Granada Foundation, the Fine Arts Museum in Murcia, the Local Government of Murcia, Alicante Provincial Council, the Rectory Building at the University of Jaén, and more.

    He shares close links to Granada. “Carmelo Trenado forms a part, in his own right, of the great artistic foundations that currently exist in the city of Granada. His integrity, creative thoroughness and profound artistic knowledge (…) make him an authentic benchmark when precisely establishing the Andalusian pictorial reality…”

    Source: artist’s website: Bernardo Palomo.

    Granada hoy” newspaper. 20/04/2004. “In recent years he has also spent time investigating new forms and methods in the discourse and representation of photography.” (artist’s website).

    “(…) I believe my activity as a painter has led me to restore and/or recreate a dream, experience or perhaps a mere illusion.”

    “In the system, action and “madness” are finely balanced: sincerity and conviction make credibility and transcendence of the new reality possible.”

    Carmelo Trenado.

  • David Conde Ayala


    A Spanish artist, born in Archidona (Malaga) in 1971. Graduated from the “Alonso Cano” Faculty of Fine Arts in Granada, specialising in painting.

    -Grants and acknowledgements:

    Rodríguez Acosta Foundation landscape grant. 1995. Selected by the Faculty of Fine Arts for the 1996 International Modern Art Fair of Andalusia. End of degree academic record grant, Marqués de Sales on behalf of the Army Board Trust, 1997, and more.

    -Individual exhibitions in Granada, Seville, Tetouan, Malaga, and more.

    -Collective exhibitions: the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation (1995), Archidona, Arte + Sur International Modern Art Fair (1996); Almeria, Granada, International Art Fair of Barcelona (1998); Úbeda, Collective Painters in Tangier 2007, and more.

    -Other activities:

    Collaboration on decorating the vault of the Finance Office in Granada (1992). Collaboration on scenography in the theatrical production “El Público” by Federico García Lorca (1996). Drawing teacher at the IES Nuestra Señora del Pilar in Tetouan, Morocco (1998-1999). Archidona Easter Week Poster (Malaga) 1999. Drawing teacher at the Medinaceli Painting Academy, Granada (1999-2002). Painting courses at the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation (2004). Illustrations for the book “El Círculo Mágico”, publisher Aljibe, 2012. Illustrations for signage at the Alcazaba in Antequera, 2012. Curator for the visual arts exhibition “Cita en Palacio” at Granada Exhibition and Conference Centre. Restoration of old photographs as well as creation and design of decoration for Bar Aliatar in Granada and Malaga, 2015, and more.

    -Today he works in his own studio where he produces work and teaches classes on painting, illustration, Photoshop for painting, and more.

    -His work can be found in the collections owned by the Rodríguez Acosta Foundation, University of Granada, Caja Rural de Granada and Local Government of Archidona, among others.

    “David paints daily life, the light that caresses vivid forms, and memories experienced. He depicts moments that are stored in the memory, the settings that generate emotions. He recreates places and looks. He captures the image of familiar places that comprise the uniqueness of routine.”

  • Gabriel H. Walta (pintura-cómic)

    Comic Artist, Illustrator and Painter

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  • Giovanni Batista da Casinno,

    Giovanni Batista da Casinno, capuchin priest and mathematician from Alexandria, by request of the General of the Order of Saint Augustine of Tisana. Casinno and Durelli worked for five years to manufacture the engraving plates.

  • Humberto Planas Camué

    A Cuban artist, born in Santiago de Cuba in 1975. Graduated in plastic arts, specialising in sculpture, from the University of Arts in Havana (1998-2004).

    Individual exhibitions in Havana, Bremen, Granada, Rome, Athens, and more. Collective exhibitions in Granada, Valencia, “Cita en Palacio” at Granada Conference Centre, Jaén, New York, Qatar, Miami, and more.

    Grants: 2015: Artistic residency, Kunsthaus in Bremen, Germany; study grant at I.K.Y. in Greece, and more.

    Professional activities:

    Sculpture professor at the University of Arts in Havana, Cuba.

    Currently lives in Granada, where he is a drawing, painting and modelling teacher at the “Serra” workshop in Zaidín, Granada.


    Raúl Martínez Award, granted by the University of Arts, Havana, 2004.


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